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At Novatronix we cover a wide variety of specialties & capabilities including Printed Circuit Board procurement, Cable & Harnesses, PCB Assembly, and Final Box-Build Assembly.

Novatronix provides solutions to all of your manufacturing needs, from full turnkey to consignment (customer supplied material). Our goal is to provide big contract manufacturing services and capabilities at a lower cost structure, with attention to the principles of your project. We have capabilities to perform kitted, partial & cosigned turnkey, as well as full turnkey assembly.  Our experience spans a variety of electronic design and manufacturing markets: 

PCB Assembly:

Novatronix performs through-hole and surface mount assembly at our facility in Wood Dale, Illinois. Our specialty is in high mix low & medium volume assemblies. We have multiple pick & place lines and reflow ovens for SMT assembly, along with wave & selective solder machines and automated Royonics placement equipment for through-hole assembly. We fully utilize our AOI and X-Ray equipment to maintain our high level of quality, and we also have the ability to perform in-circuit testing to verify product functionality.

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Box Build Final Assembly:

At Novatronix we have the capability and experience to produce complete system builds integrating chassis, power supply, cables, and PCB assemblies. Our experience gives us the ability to procure materials that involve electro-plastic, casting, stamping, cable harnesses, connectors, injection molding, tooling, machining, anodizing, sheet metal, metal bending, and over-molding, and assemble them into a finished working product.

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PCB Fabrication:

We have developed successful relationships with domestic and off-shore PCB manufacturers, enabling us to procure bare PCB's with a high level of quality and reliability. We follow through with a stringent incoming inspection process, dedicated to making sure they meet our expectations in quality and workmanship. Our suppliers are skilled in manufacturing double-sided and multi-layer FR4 boards, as well as flex, rigid-flex, ceramic, and aluminum-based materials.

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Custom Cables / Wire Harnesses / Power Supplies:

At Novatronix we can produce custom-built cable and wire harness assemblies that interface directly with circuit boards and components. From hostile industrial government and military applications to delicate medical applications, we have the capabilities to provide standard or custom wire leads & wire sets, data & communication cables, custom & overmolded cable assemblies, industrial interconnect cables, harness assemblies, and power cords. We can also manufacture termination wire and cables using AMP, Tyco, Molex, Hirose, and other headers & connectors.

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